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Apple iphone8 open wireless charging era

Apple iphone8 open wireless charging era
Issue Time:2018-03-26
In the early hours of September 13th, Beijing time, Apple's 2017 Autumn New Product Launch Conference was held at Apple's new Apple Studios' Jobs Theater. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone X officially debuted. It was also the first time in Apple's conference history. There are three new iPhones unveiled at the same time.
Compared to Apple’s previous products, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are full of black technology: wireless charging, fast charging, full screen, Face ID biometrics, augmented reality AR, etc. A lot of surprises came. Xiao Bian today wants to introduce to you is a relatively new black technology - wireless charging inside.
In fact, as early as the functional machine era, there was a mobile phone with a wireless charging function. However, due to the fact that the main function of the mobile phone in the era of the functional machine was still the traditional telephone message, it did not cause sufficient response in the market. In 2012, Nokia had boldly deployed wireless charging on the Lumia 920, but the wireless charging function on the aircraft was not mature and the charging speed was extremely slow, failing to effectively improve the user experience.
Nowadays, as the mobile phone industry giant Apple iphone8 mobile phone is equipped with wireless charging function, it will inevitably make the wireless charging market rejuvenate. According to the Rising Sun Data Research Report, the number of wireless charging device shipments in 2015 was around 144 million units. However, the penetration rate in smart phones is less than 10%. With the increasingly mature wireless charging technology, the wireless charging device may usher in rapid growth in the future. Rising Sun Data expects that with the use of wireless charging by Apple's mobile phones, the application rate of wireless charging in smart phones will increase to 65% in 2020, and smartphones using wireless charging technology will exceed 1.2 billion. Smart wearable devices equipped with wireless charging are expected to exceed 200 million by 2020, and the wireless charging market is expected to exceed 10 billion US dollars.

From the radio charging industry chain, the radio charging industry chain consists of four core components: upstream chips, transmission, inductance, midstream modules, and downstream radio charging products. Among them, the main profits of the entire industry chain are concentrated in the program design companies and power management chip vendors. General plan design company profit ratio reached 32%, power management chip company profit ratio reached 28%, magnetic material company profit ratio reached 20%, transmission coil company profit accounted for 14%, and module manufacturer The proportion of profits is only 6%. If the calculation is based on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, then the profits are mainly on the upstream launcher, and the total profit accounts for more than 60%, while the total share of the downstream receivers is only 30%.
However, although the upstream chip is the highest part of the entire system, it has been controlled by mature foreign manufacturers and there is no opportunity for domestic manufacturers to enter the market within a short period of time. The transmission part is composed of anti-magnetic sheet and copper coil. The anti-magnetic sheet can prevent electromagnetic interference. The coil of the receiving end is changed by the magnetic field to generate current, and the transmitting end is changed by the current to generate the magnetic field. This part is the key to determine the charging efficiency. The choice of inductive magnetic material determines the power and conversion efficiency of the charging system. The final part is the module that encapsulates the chip, transmission, and inductor in three parts. This part has low technical requirements, low barriers to entry, and is suitable for domestic manufacturers to enter.
The electronic coil in the transmission coil part is an important core component of radio charging. With the increase of the wireless charging module of the mobile phone, the demand for the electronic coil will be released. Then wireless charging electronic coil manufacturers will expand production, and then pull the demand for automated winding equipment. The production of winder equipment technology originated in Japan, manufacturers are mainly distributed in Japan, Italy and other countries, including Japan's Nitto, Odawara, Taga and Italy's Masli; domestic winding machine equipment manufacturers leading is Tanaka Seiki.
Tanaka Seiki's CNC automatic winding equipment technology comes from Japan. After years of development, it has become a leader in domestic winding equipment customization solutions. The electronic coil produced by the winding machine is widely used in the processing of the basic components of the electronic industry such as inductors, transformers and motors. The products cover a wide range of 3C consumer and automotive electronic products, and the demand is strong. In the first half of the year, the parent company's winding equipment increased orders by 69.43 million yuan, an increase of 45.74% year-on-year, which superimposed the boom in wireless charging in the mobile phone field. The future development of the company's main business is expected.
Tanaka Seiki has been deeply cultivating the field of CNC automatic winding machines for many years. With mature technology and excellent quality, it has completed the R&D and trial production of a new generation of wireless charging coil production equipment for mobile phones. Apple iphone8 mobile phone use of radio charging, with the rapid increase in the penetration of wireless charging in smart phones, the company will benefit from the profound accumulation of CNC winding equipment.